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  • Reliability

Protecting Since 1987.
Serving Nationwide with long term services.

Hire professional licensed, insured, trained 24/7/365 onsite agents. We hire veterans & law enforcement. Our agents create reports using a fully integrated software, including GPS tracking, Google tracking & map hits, photos, videos to increase awareness of actions at your site. We are an American based agency serving.

  • Government Agencies & Diplomat Facilities
  • Commercial, Industrial, Corporations, Offices & Businesses
  • Education Facilities, Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals, Health Care & Religious Facilities
  • Residential, Housing Associations & Gated Communities
  • Malls, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, Theatres & Retail
  • Hotel, Motels, and Banks
ASFUS Armed Agents

Armed Agents

Hire an armed agent(s) if you are located in a high crime area. Armed agents carrying a weapon is a serious responsibility. You are covered by local and federal laws with our armed agents. Armed agents will make criminal think twice before they try anything. Armed agents are.

  • First line of defense
  • Thoroughly trained & licensed to handle firearm
  • Capable to respond to any sort of crime
  • An extensive background check including FBI Fingerprint.

For critical security needs, hire a military or police officer with top-notch training and experience.

ASFUS Unarmed Agents

Unarmed Agents


Agents presence can diffuse situations before they begin and quickly resolve security risks if they do arise. Unarmed agent is trained to handle all sort of emergencies before they encounter them. They are trained to

  • Assess situations
  • Involve police and emergency services when necessary
  • Question strangers
  • Maintaining reports
  • Respond to fire, break inns, health problems
  • Report drug and alcohol related incidents
ASFUS Front Desk Agents

Front Desk Agents

Hire an agent(s) to watch over an appealing building. Staffing service never goes out of style. We provide quality service to commercial, residential, apartments and luxury businesses. We offer

  • Lobby Attendant
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Parking Attendant
ASFUS Dedicated Patrol Vehicles

Dedicated Patrol Vehicles

If you need high visibility and a noticeable presence. Hire an agent with a marked patrol vehicle(s). Contribute to a professional, secure atmosphere and peace of mid. Marked vehicles are a great crime deterrent to

  • Intruder
  • To those who may trespass,
  • Vandalize
  • Cause physical damage to personal property, visitors, employees at the community, business, or workplace.
Fire Watch Service

Fire Watch Service

Protect your people, property, and equipment from hazard.

Fire Watch Service

Temporary Service

Whether you need 3 days or 3 months of services. We can help.

Fire Watch Service

Emergency Service

When an urgent situation arises, have an agent on site within 24 hours.